• C14 is a creative studio specialised in branding and digital experiences

    We design bespoke digital experiences, dynamic yet tangible. We provide our tailored solution to your need with distinctive quality. We build up your business with a sharp image, more importantly differentiated brand awareness with unique vision and strategic execution. We care about your big dream, yet we assist to develop the slightest detail to make sure the core value remains and represents authenticity, personality and consistency throughout modern mediums.

  • C14 focus on sustainable value

    Trends don’t stay but evolve. We believe in ideas and contents, which are the backbone of every beautiful thing. We create design and technical solution that’s precise, original and just right for each of you - aesthetic and experiences that prevails and lasts.

  • bad design costs
    invest for good solution

    Branding and digital solutions for modern businesses are never a service that costs, but a solution to invest. Good approach and proper execution creates much more than just a service, it adds value that returns better ROI and tractions to the customers. We offer our clients bespoke design and dedicated digital experiences that resolve and retain – we are your solution provider to invest.

  • A little difference matters

    Details are devils and changes are challenges. We pursuit perfection so we grab every opportunity to make things a little better, and a step further to the tipping point. We don’t satisfy the peace of mind, so we elaborate and we refine because a little difference just matters to us.

  • We design and code with
    human touch

    People can sense care and carelessness very easily. To build great tools to solve their problem and make them perform better, is the best way to bring satisfaction and happiness to people. We like great new technology, but it should always comes after what user needs.

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C-14 is a rare element that forms Carbon, origin of life. it has outstanding stability and strong endurance. Its presence in organic materials is the basis of the radiocarbon dating method, which represents our driver to provide unique, essential and durable creative solutions and digital experience for our clients.

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  • INyard furniture

    inyard’s passion is module furniture and platform makes unique designer furniture flexible, simple, efferent and affordable. We helped construct its visual identity and platform.

    Branding, Concept, UX Design, Design & Frontend Development

    Client: Inyard

    See Design Details

  • a lovely thing e-commerce

    Yet many e-commerce platforms is building their website with the future web technology node.js, and we are using it to build 'a lovely thing’ from scratch.

    UX Design, Design & Frontend Development

    Client: A Lovely Thing

    See Design Details

  • mamamoon Home accessories

    Mamamoon curates wide range of creative designer home accessories to add fun and imaginations to their chinese customers' favorite home, We help them deliever this message through our fun/creative input.

    Art direction, branding, Web Design

    Client: Mamamoon

    See Design Details

  • iWhale aroma Diffuser

    Unique interactive campaign experience, feel the product in more dimensions.

    Concept, Creative Direction, Design & Development

    Client: iWhale

    See Design Details

  • Cinematographer saimawn si-shen

    Online portfolio for cinematographer Saimawn Si-Shen.

    Concept, Creative Direction, Design & Development

    Client: Saimawn Si-Shen

    See Design Details

  • haizhen2 Womenswear

    We are asked to redesign womenwear designer Haizhen Wang's website.

    Art Direction, Concept, web design and development

    Client: Haizhen Wang

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